Hay Stack Blues ( feat. James Potvin and Marilou )

by Clay and Friends

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If you want to see the Clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0c-RzIQSyE


It's not often you get to meet a man inhabited by a profound shade of blue, a bird that does not sing or talk, a train-jumper confined to the city. Clay and Friends got together with the enigmatic James Potvin and the magnificient Marilou Turgeon to blend the soul of Hip hop and the cry of the Blues for this newest installement of the All Day Jam Series. This episode innovates with it's storyline which contains animation hand-crafted by Karimi Nion from K.I.D.S


Im going going back back
Where the sunshine meeting with the train track
I Want to speak to the wind like J.J Cale,
Say Salamalecum Malecum Salam
People like the Moon when it hits the sea
Illuminate the surface but thoughts run deep
I wanna run from the buildings scraping the sky
I just wanna live, aint waiting to die

Hey you, hangin alone
Showed me how to live but now you’re gone
Will you ever come back -
Save me from the city that a got me trapped

The alarm is my phone, no time to think
His is the sun when the moon gonna sink
Im begging my pillow, a minute of sleep
He packed his bag and he ready to leave
Grey cloud in the sky, he hide from the rain,
I stand in the shower washin off the shame
I put on my costume, his is the same,
It got stories and smells from the past twenty days
The engine go quiet, he ready to jump,
Didnt pay for my pass, its the first of the month
The metro is packed, I fight for a spot,
Im pushin in shoving, I cant miss my stop
Im checking my watch, Im gonna be late,
Time don’t exist when wind blow in your face
He lights a cigar, blows out the smoke,
Thinking that life is an en-deless joke

I step into class, no one knows my name
The teacher goes on bout’ importance of grades
He plays with the wind, I click on the screen
He goes to a school where the learning is free,
I smile at a girl, she looks away
Scribbling notes fraid’ of minimum wage
I remember a paper, due date was last week
He writes in a journal that nobody reads
The line on his page, are sinuous roads
Continuous flows of the tunes he compose,
He pulls out his slide, I pull out my phone,
The boss man calling won’t leave me alone,
The ring of the bell, setting me free,
The hum of the engine gonna rock me to sleep,
Do he get to live? While I just pretend,
Wake up tomorrow to do it again



released October 16, 2014
Lead Vocals: Marilou Turgeon
Six strings: James Potvin
Bass: Pascal Boisseau
Beatbox: Aydell
Storytelling: Clay

Mixed and recorded by Frederic Messier at Silver Stag studio with the help and knowledge of Arthur Gaumont

Cover by: Yalc



all rights reserved


Clay and Friends Montreal, Québec

Good for your soul. Montreal based impulse.


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